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Football Mindset

A new creative direction for an elite performance coaching brand.

Brand / Strategy / Identity / Guidelines / Design / Print / Motion / Digital / Art Direction / Social

My task involved the development of a new identity and visual language for the football performance brand Football Mindset, aligning with their expanded business focus and foray into new markets.

Football Mindset stands as an elite service offering specialised performance and mental skills coaching to professional footballers at the highest echelons of the sport. Their unique vision and approach cater to players at the pinnacle of the game, emphasising confidence and clarity as central themes, which permeate their work.

At the core of the brand's ethos lies the individuality of each player, necessitating tailored services for every professional they serve. The client sought a visual framework characterised by high adaptability, ensuring the brand maintains a current and distinctive appearance in all forms of communication. This adaptability is designed to lend versatility, enabling the brand to pivot according to the audience, course, or core principles around the services provided.

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