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Girls United

A fresh brand strategy for a commanding and influential voice in the Women’s game.

Brand / Strategy / Identity / Guidelines / Design / Print / Motion / Digital / Art Direction / Social

In our collaboration with Girls United, the initial step involved conducting a comprehensive brand audit of their existing collateral. This evaluation revealed a pressing need for a complete overhaul of their assets and brand architecture to facilitate their progression.

My approach encompassed a thorough reexamination from the ground up, seeking opportunities for enhancement and modernisation within the brand. I introduced a systematic framework designed to instil a new level of uniformity and adaptability, ensuring consistent application across the various global platforms where Girls United operates.

Recognising the charity's ambition to expand into new international locations, it became evident that a structured framework was necessary to accommodate multiple languages and diverse geographical contexts.

To address this, I formulated a flexible and inventive brand architecture. This architecture empowers Girls United, enabling the creation of cohesive elements that communicate in a universal visual language, irrespective of the spoken language. This ensures a consistent and unified look that remains individualised without feeling repetitive.

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