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Rarely Spotted

Boutique fashion, where every piece is driven by quality, craft and individuality.

Brand / Strategy / Identity / Guidelines / Design / Print / Motion / Film / Art Direction / Social / Packaging


I was commissioned by the fashion brand Rarely Spotted to craft a fresh identity and visual style that would coincide with their launch and inaugural collection. Rarely Spotted, a high-end boutique label, operates beyond conventional standards. They possess a distinctive vision and methodology, defining themselves not solely as a fashion brand but as creators of exclusive art pieces that straddle the realms of high fashion and conceptual art.

Rarely Spotted's essence revolves around opulence and uniqueness, echoing the approach they take in their creations. Each collection undergoes a limited production, ensuring that every piece is entirely unique and personalised. Once a piece is created, it remains unparalleled and will never be replicated; they stand as one-of-a-kind items. The brand epitomises exclusivity, making these exclusive pieces available for purchase to only a select clientele.

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