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Chicas Unidas - The Azteca Kit

Expressing female Méxican culture through Football.

Strategy / Guidelines / Design / Print / Apparel / Art Direction / Social / Retail 

Chicas Unidas is a non-profit organisation based in Central America and the UK that has a vision for girls around the world to have equal access to sport and to provide them with skills that will allow them to fulfil their potential, on and off the pitch. 

Due to negative stereotypes and limiting gender roles, girls and women do not have access to the same opportunities, resulting in gender gaps that go beyond the pitch and into society. Chicas Unidas’s vision is for girls and young women around the world is to have equal access to sport and to provide them with skills and abilities that will broaden their opportunities to participate in education and in the economy.

The aim for this project was to develop a unique kit design for the Mexican branches of the club. The client wanted a truly authentic kit, they required something ‘more’, something that was truly theirs.

The decision was made to develop a typeface and numbering system that was more expressive and while it was anchored in the Méxican culture would still defy stereotypes, both footballing and culturally. The client was excited by the concept of having a typeface that was connected to their cultural roots, but also resonated in a modern context.

The design that we created for the kit was inspired by traditional Aztec architecture across México and Central America. We chose to explore the same source of inspiration for the custom display typeface and took inspiration from architectural and structural elements.