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Representing an exciting new face in the Newcastle cultural scene.

Brand / Strategy / Identity / Guidelines / Design / Print / Motion / Digital / Art Direction / Social 

F54 emerged as a visionary concept intended to accommodate various music and creative teams in Newcastle, operating within the independent music scene. The identity of this initiative was conceived through an extensive consultation process with the client, aiming to introduce something distinctive within the industry. The concept embodies a modernistic approach with a contemporary essence, mirroring the company's ethos and their strong roots in 90s club culture.

The name "F54" is rooted in a song by Newcastle band Kubichek, depicting the closure of the iconic Newcastle venue, The Riverside, and its replacement by the Foundation nightclub in the late 90s. This historical reference holds particular significance for the present F54 teams. The majority of the original Riverside team transitioned to open The Cluny, which now serves as F54's operational base and home, established in 2000. This connection to the city's musical history intertwines with F54's roots, embedding a profound historical narrative into the essence of the organisation.

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