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Forest of Black

Reviving vision, reimagining filmmaking: Forest of Black's contemporary brand evolution.

Brand / Strategy / Identity / Guidelines / Design / Print / Motion / Digital / Art Direction / Social / Signage / Apparel

Commissioned by filmmakers, Forest of Black, I embarked on the task of revitalising their brand identity, aiming to reinvigorate their visual language and industry positioning. Forest of Black operates as a compact, dedicated team, crafting commercials, music promos, and brand films across the UK and worldwide. Their approach to production is distinctly unique, characterised by a vision that yields innovative and distinctive films catering to a diverse clientele.

My assignment demanded the creation of an identity that accurately mirrored the organisation's high standards. Recognising that their brand presence had suffered from neglect over the years, failing to capture the essence of their creativity and esteemed reputation, I aimed to rectify this shortfall. It was essential to ensure that the new identity, along with its application, exuded a distinctive style and conveyed a sense of modernity, aligning perfectly with their progressive vision.

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