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The Bottling Club

Forging a visual narrative for an exclusive new whisky venture.

Brand / Strategy / Identity / Guidelines / Design / Print / Packaging / Art Direction / Social / Retail 

The Bottling Club (TBC) emerges as a unique society for whisky aficionados. Masterminded by the investment fund managers at Hackstons it's aim is to demystify the world of fine single malts. TBC extends an invitation to the audience to embark on a journey of collecting extraordinary whisky expressions, meticulously matured in diverse casks to offer a truly rare and unparalleled whisky encounter.

Sourcing casks from established Scottish distilleries, TBC orchestrates a symphony of unique aging and finishing processes, resulting in an array of whiskies that defy convention. All these coveted creations find their way to enthusiasts through the e-commerce platform and a premium bespoke retail experience nestled in the opulent heart of Knightsbridge.

Collaborating with the marketing team, our role in the project was to spearhead the creative aspects of the brand launch, shaping its visual identity, art direction, tone of voice, and labelling system. As the inaugural collection and retail sanctuary awaited their unveiling, our collective efforts aimed to establish a captivating and enduring presence in the market.

The brand narrative unfolds as a celebration of moments spent in contemplation and discovery — a nuanced journey defined by careful consideration, emotion, and decisive choices. It aspires to cultivate a global community of whisky connoisseurs, experimenters, and enthusiasts, fostering a culture of sharing and exploration. The essence of The Bottling Club encapsulates the pursuit of unseen beauty, mirroring the intricate allure of the whiskies it presents to the world.